Welcome to Lorven Heart & Vascular Institute, P.A., the Cardiology practice of Dr Nagender Reddy and Dr Ramulu Eligeti, proudly serving all of Central Florida.

Lorven Heart & Vascular Institute P.A. specializes in the diagnosis, treatment the heart disease and advanced interventions of Veins and Arteries.

We provide comprehensive treatment of varicose veins and venous disease and advanced treatment of deep vein compressions and occluding DVT, PAD in the Ocala area. We offer saphenous vein ablation therapy with the VNUS Closure™ and Laser procedure, sclerotherapy for spider veins and stenting for Deep vein occlusion. We provide all aspects of Heart care including stress test, Echocardiography, Pacemaker followups etc

Vein Treatment

Offering comprehensive treatment for varicose vein and venous disease, Venous Outflow obstructions of Deep veins, with thrombosis and including compression disease, Intravascular ultrasound/stenting, VNUS Closure™ and Laser procedure, sclerotherapy for treatment of smaller varicosities and spider veins ultrasound evaluation for venous disease inlcuding compression/DVT and compression stocking fittings.